29 April 2010

Recording: Principles, Dilemmas and Uncomfortable Truths (2009)

Title: Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas and Uncomfortable Truths
File format: mp3
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The Royal Academy of Arts held a two-day symposium in September 2009, following the publication of the book 'Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas and Uncomfortable Truths', edited by Dr Alison Bracker and Alison Richmond.

Table of contents:
Day 1, Session 1: Principles, Dilemmas and Uncomfortable Truths
Chair: Laura Drysdale

The Adolescence of the Profession, Jonathan Ashley-Smith (mp3, 9.1 MB)

You are not being objective. Conservation as an act of taste, Salvador Muñoz Viñas (mp3, 9.5 MB)

When things go wrong: Sharing experiences for collective learning, Sarah Maisey (mp3, 9.4 MB)

Conservation fads, fashion and flummery: An incontrovertible truth? Andy Calver (mp3, 14.2 MB)

Chaired panel discussion with Laura Drysdale (Chair), Jonathan Ashley-Smith, Salvador Muñoz Viñas, Sarah Maisey, and Andy Calver (mp3, 16.7 MB)

Day 1, Session 2: Making Meaning: Theories and philosophies of conservation ethics

A material culture analysis of conservation principles, Dinah Eastop (mp3, 9.3 MB)

The painting as material interface between artist and beholder: Restoration philosophy, perception and neuroscience, Helen Glanville (mp3, 11.9 MB)

Dreaming of a universal approach: Brandi's Theory of Restoration and the conservation of contemporary art, Sebastiano Barassi (mp3, 10.2 MB)

Conservation as meaning-making in seventeenth-century Dutch art, Ari Tanhuanpää (mp3, 14.3 MB)

Chaired Panel discussion with Jonathan Rée (Chair), Dinah Eastop, Helen Glanville, Sebastiano Barassi, and Ari Tanhuanpää (mp3, 17.8 MB)

Day 2, Session 1: Social Memory: Tangible and Intangible Heritage

Among the Dead and their Possessions: A conservator’s role in the death, life, and afterlife of human remains and their associated objects, Sanchita Balachandran (mp3, 14.0 MB)

Cultural heritage Institutions and the safeguarding of tangible and intangible heritage in a changing world – Case study in Kathmandu, Nepal, Sudha Srestha (mp3, 5.8 MB)

From conservation to controversy? The intangible legacy of Calton Hill, Kirsten McKee (mp3, 9.1 MB)

Remembering the past: The role of social memory in the restoration of damaged paintings, Kim Muir (mp3, 9.9 MB)

Chaired Panel discussion with Simon Cane (Chair), Sanchita Balachandran, Sudha Srestha, Kirsten McKee, and Kim Muir (mp3, 14.2 MB)

Day 2, Session 2: Contested Values: Historic Buildings, Monuments and World Heritage Sites

Haveli – Indian courtyard House, Jhilmil Kishore (mp3, 8.7 MB)

Reconsidering conservation in response to the contested values of built heritage: Case studies in Taiwan in 2000s, Hsien-yang Tseng (mp3, 11.6 MB)

Cardross Seminary: Modernity, decay & ruin, Diane Watters (mp3, 9.6 MB)

Historic context and cultural content – A case study of Historic Cairo, Ehab Kamel (mp3, 11.4 MB)

Chaired Panel Discussion with Renée Tobe (Chair), Jhilmil Kishore, Hsien-yang Tseng, Diane Watters, and Ehab Kamel (mp3, 17.5 MB)

Day 2, Session 3: The Neues Museum Restoration by David Chipperfield Architects

Panel discussion with David Chipperfield CBE RA, Julian Harrap, and Kate Goodwin (mp3, 29.6 MB)

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