01 May 2010

Need a SEM microphotograph of your sample for free?

I have recently came across with a campaign that may be interesting for most of you. There's a manufacturer of Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) and Microanalysis software called ASPEX, that has a campaign called "Send Us Your Sample"
, which allows anyone to mail them an object and have it scanned for free under one of their desktop SEMs.

From their announcement:

People can send us a broken iPhone, an old toothbrush, or even a dead insect...anything they want to see a picture of under a powerful microscope. It's pretty cool. Once we receive the samples, we'll notify senders of their results via email. You can view other reports we've done here: http://www.aspexcorp.com/resources/send_sample.html

Since we started this campaign, we've seen a lot of interest from professionals, educators and students all around the globe. We have recently posted a YouTube video that shows how we go about sampling and how to demo our SEM. We also have our "Name That Sample" Campaign in which we put up a sample and the person who guesses correctly, or closest, wins a Brand New Netbook!

The submission process is simple:

1. Download and print this form from the ASPEX website.

2. Fill out the form and mail it along with the sample they want scanned to:

ASPEX Corporation
Free Sample Submissions
175 Sheffield Dr.
Delmont, PA 15626

3. Once ASPEX has completed the scan, the images and report will be posted on ASPEX's website.

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