26 April 2010

Thesis: Painters' supports and studio practices (2009)

: Technical Art History: Painters' supports and studio practices of Rembrandt, Dou and Vermeer

:Jørgen Wadum

: University of Amsterdam

: 2009

Type of document
: thesis

: http://dare.uva.nl/... (pdf)

Table of contents

Introduction : discoursing artworks : the multiple faces of conservation documentation

Part I. Supports and their making, meaning and protection

The winter room at Rosenborg Castle : a unique survival of Antwerp mass-production

The Antwerp brand on paintings on panels

Historical overview of panel-making techniques in the northern countries

Microclimate boxes for panel paintings

Peeter Stas : an Antwerp coppersmith and his marks

Antwerp copper plates

Part II. Studio practices of Vermeer, Rembrandt and Dou

Dou doesn't paint, oh no, he juggles with his brush : Gerrit Dou, a Rembrandtesque 'fijnschilder'

Rembrandt under the skin : the Mauritshuis portrait of Rembrandt with gorget in retrospect

Vermeer in perspective
Contours of Vermeer

Part III. Bibliography

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