24 April 2010

Proceedings: Metals Conservation (2004)

Title: Metal 04: Proceedings of the International Conference on Metals Conservation
Reference: Proceedings of Metal 2004 National Museum of Australia Canberra ACT, 4–8 October 2004
ISBN: 1876944331
Link: http://www.nma.gov.au/... (pdf)

Note: Resource kindly indicated by Goran Budija.


This publication presents papers given at the International Conference on Conservation of Metals, Metal 04, held in Canberra, Australia at the National Museum of Australia, 4–8 October 2004. Organised by the National Museum of Australia, the conference brought together metals conservators from over 20 countries. The 40 papers presented in these preprints illustrate the development of the conservation and restoration of metals from a variety of perspectives and regions and of 92 authors.

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Preventive Conservation

Some recent trends in corrosion science
, T. Cole, T. Muster, D. Lau, W. Ganther (pdf, 606 Kb)

Monitoring of archaeological and experimental iron at Fiskerton, England, V. Fell, J. Williams (pdf, 1072 Kb)

Saving archaeological iron using the Revolutionary Preservation System, C. Mathias, K. Ramsdale, D. Nixon (pdf, 810 Kb)

Innovative conservation approaches for monitoring and protecting ancient and historic metals collections from the Mediterranean basin, V. Argyropoulos, E. Angelini, C. Degrigny (pdf, 153 Kb)

Corrosion monitoring and the environmental impact of decommissioned naval vessels as artificial reefs, I. MacLeod, P. Morrison, V. Richards, N. West (pdf, 741 Kb)

Corrosion and cathodic protection of iron in seawater: a case study of the James Matthews (1841), M. Heldtberg, I. MacLeod, V. Richards (pdf, 313 Kb)

SS Great Britain iron hull: modelling corrosion to define storage relative humidity, D. Watkinson, M. Lewis (pdf, 595Kb)

Section 2: Better Knowledge of Objects (pdf, 10.6 Mb)

Solder on silver: historical usage and the problem of fretting, M. van Bellegem, H. Ankersmit, R. van Langh, W Wei (pdf, 932 Kb)

Surface analysis of corroded silver coins from the wreck of the San Pedro De Alcantara (1786), I. MacLeod, E Schindelholz (pdf, 1.3 Mb)

A local microscopic model for the formation of silver mirroring on black and white photographs, G. Di Pietro (pdf, 318 Kb)

The delamination of silver sulphide layers, R van Langh, H Ankersmit, I. Joosten (pdf, 660 Kb)

Some news about 'Black Spots', G Eggert, M Weichert, H. Euler, B. Barbier (pdf, 1.1 Mb)

Trees, bunches, cauliflowers - a closer look at sulphurous corrosion on copper alloys and minerals, ('Black Spots'), M. Weichert, G. Eggert, A. Mark Jones, H. Ankersmit (pdf, 902 Kb)

Analysis of some copper-alloy items from HMAV Bounty wrecked at Pitcairn Island in 1790, A. Viduka, S. Ness (pdf, 958 Kb)

Objects from the ancient site of Qalat Rabah (Calatrava la Vieja): a case study on the characterization of Islamic gilded bronzes from Spain, J. Barrio, L. Campanella, M. Ferretti, A. Pardo, M. Retuerce (pdf, 1.8 Mb)

Electrochemical characterisation of patina protectiveness evolution on outdoor bronze sculptures, M Crespo, G Cicileo, B Rosales (pdf, 317 Kb)

Corrosion rate study of cannon at the Prince of Wales' fort, H. Croome (pdf, 260 Kb)

Analyses of Joe Byrne's armour, D. Creagh, G. Thorowgood, M James, D. Hallam (pdf, 450 Kb)

Metallurgy of armour exhibited at the Palace Armoury Valletta, Malta, D. Vella, C. Degrigny, M. Grech, A. Williams (pdf, 3 Mb)

Section 3: Better Understanding of Treatments

Plasma-reduction: Its potential for use in the conservation of metals, K. Schmidt-Ott (pdf, 6.9 Mb)

An approach to the conservation of deeply corroded archaeological silver: the polos from Crucinia, A. Olsoufieff, O. Colacicchi Alessandri, M. Ferretti (pdf, 2.8 Mb)

Atmospheric corrosion of historical organ pipes: influence of acetic and formic acid vapour and water leaching on lead, A. Niklasson, L.-G. Johansson, J.-E. Svensson (pdf, 224 Kb)

Conservation of organ pipes: protective treatments of lead exposed to acetic acid vapours, C. Chiavari, C. Martini, G. Poli, D Prandstaller (pdf, 1.2 Mb)

Overview of archaeological iron: the corrosion problem, key factors affecting treatment, and gaps in current knowledge, L. Selwyn (pdf, 231 Kb)

Corrosion layers on historic iron artefacts: Cathodic protection of iron artefacts during cleaning in acid solutions, I. de Groot, H. Ankersmit, R. van Langh, W. Wei (pdf, 257 Kb)

Electrochemical monitoring of marine iron artefacts during their storage / stabilisation in alkaline solutions, C. Degrigny, L. Spiteri (pdf, 708 Kb)

Study of corrosion potential measurements as a means to monitor the storage and stabilisation processes of archaeological copper artifacts, K. Leyssens, A. Adriaens, E. Pantos, C. Degrigny (pdf, 522 Kb)

Synergistic effects of corrosion inhibitors for copper and copper alloy archaeological artifacts, S. Golfomitsou, F. Merkel (pdf, 2.4 Mb)

Performance of copper corrosion inhibitors in a museum environment - a comparative study using FTIR spectroscopy, W. Mohamed, N Rateb, A. Shakour (pdf, 308 Kb)

Laboratory and field tests on patinas and protective coating systems for outdoor bronze monuments, P. Letardi (pdf, 287 Kb)

An EIS method for assessing thin oil films used in museums, D. Hallam, D. Thurrowgood, V. Otieno-Alego, D. Creagh (pdf, 470 Kb)

Development and evaluation of removable protective coatings on bronze, T. Shedlosky, A. Huovinen, D. Webster, G. Bierwagen (pdf, 215 Kb)

Section 4: Composite Artefacts

Characterisation of metal threads in Renaissance tapestries, A.-M. Hacke, C. Carr, A. Brown, (pdf, 1291 Kb)

Electrolytic stabilisation of a marine composite porthole and its framework, I. de Groot, C. Degrigny (pdf, 941 Kb)

Theophilus and the shrine of Vitus - a goldsmith's technique in the mirror of ancient references, H. Grieb (pdf, 584 Kb)

Stabilization of a wrecked and corroded aluminium aircraft, G. Bailey (pdf, 9072 Kb)

On again, off again - cathodic protection of a lead and ceramic water closet during desalination, J. Dickens, N. Smith, W. Gerritsen (pdf, 1326 Kb)

Antarctic observations: on metal Corrosion at three historic huts on Ross Island, P. Maxwell, A. Viduka (pdf, 1231 Kb)

Analysis, conservation and restoration of the metal threads used in Latin American colonial saints' robes, J. Thiele, SOS G. Guarda, E. Croquevielle (pdf, 932 Kb)


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