23 April 2010

Thesis: The Theseus painter (2003)

Title: The Theseus painter. Style, shapes and Iconography
: O. E. Borgers

University: University of Amsterdam
: 2003

: 330

Type of document
: Thesis

: http://dare.uva.nl/... (pdf)

From the Introduction
Thee subject of this monograph is the Attic black-figure vase painter known today as the Theseus Painter who, as we shall see, worked from about 515/510 to 480/475 B.C. First of all, the study aims at giving, as completely as possible, a full description of all the features comprising the painter's stylistic nature: painting, drawing, composition, use of added colour. These categories are, in turn, considered in relation too the potterwork, namely the types of vases the Theseus Painter decorated, the workshops with which they can be associated, and whether he might also have been involved in shaping some or all of them. [...]

Table of Contents (short version):

A. Shapes and Style
I. Vase Shapes and Style of Painting and Drawing

II. Skyphoi

III. Lekythoi

IV. Other Shapes

V. Workshop Connecting

VI. Development and Chronology

VII. Provenances

B. Iconography

VIII. Introduction

IX. Deities

X. Other Mythological Figures and Scenes as well as related Representations

XI. Herakles and Theseus

XII. Ritual, Theater and Everyday Life

XIII. A Closer Look at the Theseus Painter's Iconography

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