22 April 2010

SAGE temporary free access

SAGE Reference Online is allowing a free trial access to their website until May 15, 2010.

1. Log onto www.sagereferenceonline.com
2. Select "Enter SAGE Reference Online"
3. Enter the user name (maytrial) and password (freeaccess)
4. Click "Go"

Once there you can search for keywords such as 'conservation' or 'heritage'. Most likely you will receive free access to selected chapters in html format of books they have published. Nonetheless it is a valuable (temporary) resource.

Here some examples of chapters you can find:

Eastop, Dinah. "Conservation as Material Culture." Handbook of Material Culture. 2006. SAGE Publications. 21 Apr. 2010. . Chapter DOI: 10.4135/978-1-84860-797-2.n32

Alder, Christine, and Kenneth Polk. "The Illicit Traffic in Plundered Antiquities." Handbook of Transnational Crime & Justice. 2005. SAGE Publications. 21 Apr. 2010. . Chapter DOI: 10.4135/978-1-41297-618-3.n6

Orbaşlı, Aylin, and Simon Woodward. "Tourism and Heritage Conservation." The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies. 2009. SAGE Publications. 21 Apr. 2010. . Chapter DOI: 10.4135/978-1-8570-2107-3.n18


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