01 June 2010

Article: removal of chlorides from copper (2007)

Title: In-situ spectroelectrochemical studies of the removal of chlorides from copper
Authors: Annemie Adriaens, Mark Dowsett
Reference: METAL 07, vol. 3
Link: http://hdl.handle.net/... (pdf, 484 Kb)

This paper describes corrosion potential measurements of corroded copper samples taken whilst acquiring timeresolved X-ray diffraction or X-ray absorption data in a synchrotron beam line. The surface structure of the samples and its evolution, whilst under simulated conservation treatment in sodium sesquicarbonate, were examined using X-ray diffraction. The fluid chemistry over the sample was monitored during identical experiments using X-ray absorption. All measurements were carried out with the sample immersed (i.e. without the need to expose the sample to air). Processes were followed from initial wetting of the surfaces through to the cessation of measurable change. A webcam was used to make a simultaneous visual record of the sample and its environment. The experiments aim at contributing to the improvement of conservation methods for cupreous artefacts recovered from marine environments.

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