04 June 2010

Metals Conservation Summer Institute (2006)

Title: 2006 Metals Conservation Summer Institute
Link: http://www.wpi.edu/...

The Metals Conservation Summer Institute (MCSI) unites cutting-edge facilities and expertise in archaeological and historical metals to create a program benefiting the conservation of ferrous and nonferrous materials. An internationally renowned faculty will expose students to the latest issues in archaeological and historical metal objects, resulting in the development of a new curriculum in the field of conservation.


Introduction to and History of Metals Conservation, Valentin Boissonnas (pdf, 8.6 Mb)

The Relationship between Curator and Conservator: Case Studies in Metals Conservation at the Wallace Collection, David Edge (pdf, 24 Mb)

Phases in Metallic Alloys and Use of Phase Diagrams, Yancy Riddle (pdf, 5.1 Mb)

Structure of Cast Metals and Evolution of Casting Technology, Ralph Napolitano (pdf, 8 Mb)

Compositional Analysis of Metal Objects: Comparison of Techniques, Yancy Riddle, Robert van Langh (pdf, 1.2 Mb)

Microstructure of Historical Objects - Copper-Based Alloys, George Vander Voort (pdf, 15 Mb)

Characterizing Fe-Based Historical Specimens, George Vander Voort (pdf, 16 Mb)

Corrosion, Rick Sisson (pdf, 1.6 Mb)

Physical Metallurgy Principles Applied to Steels and Other Ferrous Alloys, Rick Sisson (pdf, 9.4 Mb)

Electrochemistry as a conservation tool, Virginia Costa (pdf, 3.7 Mb)

Precious Metals Metallurgy, Aldo Reti (pdf, 9.3 Mb)

Early Copper Production - Reconstructing the Pyrotechnological Process, Aaron Shugar (pdf, 17 Mb)

Practical Issues in Metals Conservation: Lacquers, Coatings and Waxes, Martin Mach (pdf, 16 Mb)

Outstanding Bronzes, Robert van Langh (pdf, 3.5 Mb)

Silver History and Conservation, Robert van Langh (pdf, 9.8 Mb)

Fabrication, Metallography and Conservation of Japanese Sword, Michael Notis (pdf, 13 Mb)

Preventive Conservation, Bart Ankersmit (pdf, 5.1. Mb)

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