05 June 2010

Historic printing types (1886)

Title: Historic printing types
Author: Theodore L. De Vinne
Publisher: The De Vinne Press
Year: 1886
Pages: 112
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From the book:
No handicraft receives so much attentive observation as printing. But the observation of the ordinary reader, however attentive it may be, is usually superficial and imperfect. Types are seen but not regarded: it is only the information conveyed by types that is considered. Few general readers know by name the different sizes or styles of types ; fewer still could identify the types made or used by famous printers.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. The Black Letter or Gothic Type of the Early German Printers
III. Early Roman Types
IV. Early Italic Types
V. French Type-founders of the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries
VI. Dutch Types of the XVIth and XVII Centuries
VII. English Black Letter
VIII. Styles of Caslon and Baskerville
IX. Styles of other British Type-Founders
X. Types of Bodoni, Fournier, and of later French Founders
XI. Revival of old Style
XII. Types of American Founders

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