17 November 2008

The Chemistry of Pigments (1902)

Title: The Chemistry of Pigments
Author: Ernest John Parry, John Henry Coste
Publisher: Scott, Greenwood and Son
Year: 1902
Formats available: Flip Book, pdf, txt, DjVu, html and xml
Link 1: www.archive.org/... (pdf in b/W, 4.4 Mb)
Link 2: www.archive.org/... (pdf in b/w, 5.3 Mb)
Link 3: www.archive.org/... (pdf in colour, 33.9 Mb)

Table of Contents (compact version):
Chapter I. Introductory
Chapter II. The Application of Pigments
Chapter III. Inorganic Pigments
Chapter IV. Organic Pigments

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