22 November 2008

Conference video: The Object in Transition

: The Object in Transition Conference
Venue: Getty Conservation Institute, 25-26 January 2008
Day 1: video
Day 2: video

Description: For those who were not able to attend the conference organized by the Getty, they made available the videos on their website. A must!

Video Contents

Day One

Welcome and General Introduction (12:00)

Session One
Piet Mondrian, Victory Boogie Woogie (55:00)
Roy Lichtenstein, Three Brushstrokes (32:00)
Sol Lewitt, 49 Three-Part Variations on Three Different Kinds of Cubes (32:00)
The Painted Surface (73:00)

Session Two
Nauman's Edge (40:00)
James Turrell, Trace Elements: Light into Space (39:00)
Artist's Voice: History's Claim (90:00)

Day Two

Introduction (7:00)

Session Three
David Novros, 6:30 and VI:XXXII (98:00)
Eva Hesse, Expanded Expansion (98:00)

Session Four
Encountering Newman (71:00)
Life and Death of Objects (87:00)

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