19 November 2008

NG Technical Bulletin: Volume 22 (2001)

The complete text of the National Gallery Technical Bulletin: Volume 22 is available online.

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National Gallery Technical Bulletin: Volume 22
Publisher: NG
Year: 2001
ISBN: 9781857099263

Uccello's Battle of San Romano, Ashok Roy and Dillian Gordon
PDF, 324 Kb
Description: This article provides a full technical description of the painting, in the context of 15th-century Florentine panel-painting practice.

Vincenzo Foppa's Adoration of the Kings, Jill Dunkerton and Carol Plazzotta
PDF, 315 Kb
Description: Study of this sumptuous altarpiece, painted around 1480 to 1500, reveals the artist's command of the oil medium and his awareness of contemporary developments, while the origins of his style and technique are located firmly in painting of the earlier part of the century.

Two Panels by Ercole de' Roberti and the Identification of Veluto Morello, Lorne Campbell, Jill Dunkerton, Jo Kirby and Lisa Monnas
PDF, 304 Kb
Description: Examination of the backs of two panels covered with purple velvet (veluto morello) supports the theory that they formed a diptych listed in the inventory of possessions of Eleonora of Aragon upon her death in 1493.

Andrea del Sarto's The Virgin and Child with Saint Elizabeth and Saint John the Baptist, Larry Keith
PDF, 244 Kb
Description: Infra red examination of this painting and the version in the Hermitage suggests that the National Gallery picture was, rather than being a copy of the St Petersburg painting, developed from the same cartoon.

Colour Change in The Conversion of the Magdalen Attributed to Pedro CampaƱa, Marika Spring, Nicholas Penny, Raymond White and Martin Wyld
PDF, 197 Kb
Description: This much-discoloured painting is compared with a better preserved version in the Borghese Collection in Rome. The cause and extent of discoloration of the pigments were examined and the startling effect of this colour alteration demonstrated in a digital reconstruction.

A Survey of 19th- and Early 20th-Century Varnish Compositions Found on a Selection of Paintings in the National Gallery Collection, Raymond White and Jo Kirby
PDF, 286 Kb
Description: 19th- and early 20th-century varnishes on a wide selection of paintings in the National Gallery were sampled and analysed. The results are presented here with a survey of the 19th-century literature on varnishes and varnishing.

The Mechanical Behaviour and Environmental Response of Paintings to Three Types of Lining Treatment, Christina Young and Paul Ackroyd
PDF, 1.7 Mb
Description: A study of the mechanical response of canvas paintings before, during and after three different vacuum-lining processes (using glue-paste, wax-resin and BEVA 371) assesses the ability of a lining to protect a painting from physical damage caused by changes in environmental conditions.

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