17 November 2008

The Distillation of Resins (1907)

Title: The Distillation of Resins: Resinate Lakes and Pigments. Carbon Pigments and Pigments for Typewriting Machines, Manifolders, Etc
Author: Victor Schweizer
Publisher: Scott, Greenwood & son
Year: 1907 (first edition)
Other editions: 1917
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Table of Contents (short version):

Resins and their Employment for the Production of Chemical Products.
I. Introduction
II. Rosin
III. Hard Resins
IV. Distillation of the Hard Resins
V. The Manufacture of Illuminating Gas from Rosin
VI. Rosin Oils
VII. The Nature of the Crude Products
VIII. The Rectification of Rosin Oil
IX. The Manufacture of Patent Lubricants
X. Rosin Soap or Resinates
XI. The Manufacture of Resinate Varnishes
XII. The Manufacture of Lampblack and Lampblack
XIII. Lampblack Chambers
XIV. Making Lampblack Pigments
XV. Manufacture of Printing Inks

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