19 November 2008

Statistical Analysis in Art Conservation Research (1988)

Title: Statistical Analysis in Art Conservation Research

Author: Terry J. Reedy, and Chandra L. Reedy
Publisher: The Getty Conservation Institute
Year: 1988
Pages: 110
Format: PDF (872 Kb)
Link: http://www.getty.edu/...

Table of contents (compact version):
Chapter 1. Statistical Analysis and Art Conservation Research
Chapter 2. Composition of Art Materials and Objects
Chapter 3. Deterioration Studies
Chapter 4. Conservation Treatments and Materials
Chapter 5. Statistical Survey of Conservation Papers
Pigment Palette (England and van Zelst 1982)
Lead Isotopes (Brill, Barnes, and Murphy 1981)
Densitometer (Wilhelm 1981)
Pigments (Simunkova 1985)
Fading and Dye Mordants (Crews 1982)
Fading and Light Filters (Bowman and Reagan 1983)
Linen Canvas Strength (Hackney and Hedley 1981)
Paint Film Yellowing (Levison 1985)
Survey Analysis

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